If only disabled veterans were rich enough to get someone to take an interest in the VA, maybe we wouldn’t be getting massacred by the very people commissioned to save us. The rich dominate our economy, our government, and now they’re even dominating the VA–and just outright murdering us to keep themselves rich.

Here’s the problem with throwing veterans overboard: We don’t actually go away like someone who is actually thrown overboard. We’re still here.

There are 20,000,000 veterans in this country, many who are already dealing with rage and betrayal, watching you rich people put our disabled veterans’ mouth on a curb, and explain it all away with fancy wordplay. You’re not fooling anyone. We know you’ve walked away with the Treasury, and now expect those who have protected your freedom with our blood and broken bodies to quietly stagger off to our doom and make you even richer.

Watching officials using fancy wordplay to disguise their motives reminds me of scene from a movie where a man stepped into piranha infested waters, and smugly explained that as long as you don’t have an open cut, you’re completely safe–then was suddenly ripped apart by a massive feeding frenzy.

So, yeah. You may have “thrown us overboard,” but we’re still here and we’re watching. I’m stable and not someone who would take aggressive action, but I deal with a lot of other disabled veterans on a regular bases, and if you think pills and therapy are going to keep all of them from reacting strongly, you’re profoundly mistaken.

If you keep slapping the piranha around, you’re going to find yourself in a feeding  frenzy.

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