University of Kentucky offers Honorary Degree to Harrison Wilson

University of Kentucky offers Honorary Degree to Harrison Wilson

I respect the sentiment and general principle behind righting a wrong. That’s not what’s happening here.

An “Honorary” degree is a paradox. A degree is only seen as a reward by people most likely to not have one. Those who have degrees know that it’s function is to guarantee exposure and passable skill with a fixed body of knowledge. It’s neither a reward nor a measure of human excellence. It’s just an institution vouching for your ability.

Leave it to a University in Kentucky to try to repair the situation with a fake degree that costs them nothing.

If they were serious about righting a wrong they did to him, they would be offering to sponsor a degree for his great-grandchildren. Offering him a fake degree is just a cheap and graceful way of giving him the finger.

Maybe they should give him a symbolic Medal of Honor with a hypothetical Valor device, and have it presented by a metaphorical President before a figurative Congress. In addition to an “Honorary” degree from a Kentucky University, this might semi-bring some quasi-restoration to this “student.”

Besides, who would really believe there’s a university in Kentucky? What would they even study? Tobacco? Here’s all you need to know about Kentucky. It starts with slaves and ends with cancer.


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