“the Justice Department could launch a full-blown criminal probe if any of the information meets the standard for doing so.”

Remember back when it was a given that murdering the disabled to steal from the government, then strong-arming employees to cover it was criminal?

If guards let the Aurora Killer, Gacy, or Hassan die by denying him medical care, THEY would be charged with murder.

This government is LITERALLY expecting disabled veterans to tolerate treatment that is criminal to carry out on cop-killers, terrorists who gun down pregnant soldiers on our own Army bases, cannibals who eat their neighbors kids, and rabid mass-murderers who empty shotguns into children at a movie theater.

What kind of response do you think this disrespect will bring from the 20,000,000 veterans in this country, who are already dealing with betrayal and rage issues? What kind of behavior is this going to bring out in the families who get to spend the rest of their lives reflecting on Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day, that their loved ones who voluntarily risked their life for this country, were able to survive a decade of war, only to be murdered by the very hospitals assigned to protect them, then to have their murders trivialized in a way our society would NEVER risk doing to the most horrific monsters we can imagine?

Seriously consider the conversations that are going to be going on with the children survived by their dead parents all across the country:

“Son, today’s Memorial Day (or Veterans’ Day). Today is the day we take time to remember Daddy dying for his country.”

“Mommy, why did Daddy die?”
“Son, he was murdered by the hospital our government assigned to protect him.”
“Mommy, why didn’t they send them to jail?”
“Son, they should have, but in our country, rich people don’t have to obey the law, and they have their own police to protect them.”

“Mommy, why do they protect traitors, terrorists, and cannibals more than Daddy?”

Do you have an answer for this question? I don’t.

If only disabled veterans were rich enough to get someone to take an interest in the VA, maybe we wouldn’t be getting massacred by the very people commissioned to save us. The rich dominate our economy, our government, and now they’re even dominating the VA–and just outright murdering us to keep themselves rich.

Here’s the problem with throwing veterans overboard: We don’t actually go away like someone who is actually thrown overboard. We’re still here.

There are 20,000,000 veterans in this country, many who are already dealing with rage and betrayal, watching you rich people put our disabled veterans’ mouth on a curb, and explain it all away with fancy wordplay. You’re not fooling anyone. We know you’ve walked away with the Treasury, and now expect those who have protected your freedom with our blood and broken bodies to quietly stagger off to our doom and make you even richer.

Watching officials using fancy wordplay to disguise their motives reminds me of scene from a movie where a man stepped into piranha infested waters, and smugly explained that as long as you don’t have an open cut, you’re completely safe–then was suddenly ripped apart by a massive feeding frenzy.

So, yeah. You may have “thrown us overboard,” but we’re still here and we’re watching. I’m stable and not someone who would take aggressive action, but I deal with a lot of other disabled veterans on a regular bases, and if you think pills and therapy are going to keep all of them from reacting strongly, you’re profoundly mistaken.

If you keep slapping the piranha around, you’re going to find yourself in a feeding  frenzy.

University of Kentucky offers Honorary Degree to Harrison Wilson

University of Kentucky offers Honorary Degree to Harrison Wilson

I respect the sentiment and general principle behind righting a wrong. That’s not what’s happening here.

An “Honorary” degree is a paradox. A degree is only seen as a reward by people most likely to not have one. Those who have degrees know that it’s function is to guarantee exposure and passable skill with a fixed body of knowledge. It’s neither a reward nor a measure of human excellence. It’s just an institution vouching for your ability.

Leave it to a University in Kentucky to try to repair the situation with a fake degree that costs them nothing.

If they were serious about righting a wrong they did to him, they would be offering to sponsor a degree for his great-grandchildren. Offering him a fake degree is just a cheap and graceful way of giving him the finger.

Maybe they should give him a symbolic Medal of Honor with a hypothetical Valor device, and have it presented by a metaphorical President before a figurative Congress. In addition to an “Honorary” degree from a Kentucky University, this might semi-bring some quasi-restoration to this “student.”

Besides, who would really believe there’s a university in Kentucky? What would they even study? Tobacco? Here’s all you need to know about Kentucky. It starts with slaves and ends with cancer.